Why do people become escorts?

There is a certain stigma attached to being a sex worker, however this isn’t really a true representation of escorts.

People often quote that “sex is the oldest profession”, and yes of course there are people who become escorts do so out of desperation, maybe they have had personal issues, or drug dependency and are in need of the money to pay for their addiction or maybe they are forced in to the life, unfortunately there is the seedy side to escorting.

However these instances, while do happen, are in the minority thankfully.

The majority of high class escorts, both male and female, usually have another job and do escorting on a part time basis, as we said before high end escorts often only work a few times a week and more often then not only seeing one client per night.

In our experience usually these escorts hold down a distinguished and affluent work position or they are in university and they are escorting as a way to fund their academic studies or pay off their loans.

So if the majority of high end escorts already have well paying careers why do they offer escort services?

In the instance of high end escorts, the majority of them simply enjoy sex.

They lead a busy lifestyle and maybe don’t have time for, or indeed want, a relationship, so being an escort is a very convenient way to fulfil their sexual needs whilst still allowing time to concentrate on their work or studies.

Aside from this convenience being an escort, certainly if you are in the higher end of the market, pays extremely well, so aside from having a career they enjoy with the benefits of sex without being in a relationship, it can also be highly profitable supplementing their income and enhancing their lifestyle.