Why do people become escorts?

There is a certain stigma attached to being a sex worker, however this isn’t really a true representation of escorts.

People often quote that “sex is the oldest profession”, and yes of course there are people who become escorts do so out of desperation, maybe they have had personal issues, or drug dependency and are in need of the money to pay for their addiction or maybe they are forced in to the life, unfortunately there is the seedy side to escorting.

However these instances, while do happen, are in the minority thankfully.

The majority of high class escorts, both male and female, usually have another job and do escorting on a part time basis, as we said before high end escorts often only work a few times a week and more often then not only seeing one client per night.

In our experience usually these escorts hold down a distinguished and affluent work position or they are in university and they are escorting as a way to fund their academic studies or pay off their loans.

So if the majority of high end escorts already have well paying careers why do they offer escort services?

In the instance of high end escorts, the majority of them simply enjoy sex.

They lead a busy lifestyle and maybe don’t have time for, or indeed want, a relationship, so being an escort is a very convenient way to fulfil their sexual needs whilst still allowing time to concentrate on their work or studies.

Aside from this convenience being an escort, certainly if you are in the higher end of the market, pays extremely well, so aside from having a career they enjoy with the benefits of sex without being in a relationship, it can also be highly profitable supplementing their income and enhancing their lifestyle.


My escort has left, now what?

Sometimes after using an escort, and the encounter has ended and they have left, you can feel emotionally down, almost depressed.

Even though the experience, and the sex, was great – it can be a slightly upsetting experience when the escort leaves, as you may of started to feel like you were bonding.

Keep in mind that the majority of escorts have a strict “no relationships with clients” rule, and for them, although the encounter was possibly enjoyable, it was purely a paid for transaction, you paid for a service that they provided you – sex.

Some people feel as strongly after an escort has left, as they do when breaking up with an actual partner with whom they were in a relationship with, even if they only only have had one encounter with that escort.

It is of course difficult to control our emotions, and in no way or we psychiatrists who can advise what you should do if you do feel depressed after your escort leaves.

There have been reports in the media of clients who start stalking their escort, regularly hassling them at their agency or place of work, making repeated phone calls professing their “love” and because of this local law enforcement have had to get involved, safety is paramount to those who offer sex services, thankfully these instances are very rare, but they do happen!

If you are looking to book and use the services of an escort, not having done so before, do keep in mind that you could also potentially feel this way, is booking an escort the right thing for you to do? Or should you choose looking for an actual relationship?

This is not to say that clients and escorts do not form relationships, start dating and in some instances even end up getting married, but in the main, escorting is their profession, and once the experience is over, no matter how enjoyable it was for both of you, they do not have any emotional feelings for you.


Being a successful escort requires a bit of maturity on your part.

And maturity still requires some years and some life experience.

This information predominantly aimed at women who are thinking of becoming an escort.

Firstly having had a few relationships (both sexual and non) with men is a major advantage.

Escort work, like almost anything career, is affected by how you approach it, you will of course have good days and bad days, just like any other type of job.

Research, planning and fully thinking it over will get you pointed in the right direction with less problems.

Of course trial and error works too, but it probably won’t leave you as happy so we don’t recommend just jumping in to being an escort without some serious thought.

If you’re not sure that you want to be an escort, think about some of the following points;

Why do you want to be an escort?
Just wanting to make money isn’t enough of a reason. Wanting an adventure isn’t a good reason either. Being an escort is not always an easy job and your motivation has to be strong enough to sustain you when you have bad days, and you will have them.

Do you have a good support system?
You need to have a few close friends or family members that you can lean on. You need an emotional outlet.

Are you easy going, friendly and approachable?
This is arguably one of the main elements of being an escort, not necessarily just how you look or how great you think you are in bed.

Are you healthy?
You need to find a gynaecologist if you don’t already have one and you need to be open with them, if you have any sexual disease you need to get it sorted and keep getting checked regularly, always practice safe sex!

How flexible is your schedule?
You need a fairly flexible schedule, especially when starting out. This means childcare, transportation and significant others need to be taken care of long before you get an appointment request. It’s very hard to arrange these things at the last minute.

What are your boundaries?
You need to decide your physical/mental/emotional boundaries before you have your first appointment. These aren’t rigid rules but your own personal guidelines to make your work easier for you. And if you have a significant other, these things must be discussed well in advance of any appointments, make sure you are open to and more importantly enjoy the sexual services you offer your clients.

Being an escort will affect your life, sometimes in surprising ways. Think the decision through.